The European Bat Research Symposiums
An overview of past and present EBRS conferences in Europe (

Every three years a European Bat Research Symposium is organized in a European country. It is a five day event usually organized in August, when also a European Bat Detecor Workshop is organized just before or after the symposium.
      The symposiums are organized by national bat organizations, bat scientists at the universities and/or the national museums. During recent years accationally professional conference hosts have been hired.


From Donostian in 2017.

The symposiums has been organized since 1978, gathering 2-300 bat workers from most of Europe, but also from other parts of the world. At first this included scientists, students and dedicated bat enthusiasts. During more recent years this also include consultants.

Peter Lina has been the "god farther" to all the symposiums since the first EBRS was organized in 1978.


In addition to the lectures they contain a number of posters where people have the opertunity to present their research. At the market stalls manufacturers and other companies present their newest products, often offering a symposium discount. Of social events there is a banquet and a full day field trip.
      Since 1991 there has been organized a European Bat Detector Workshop (EBDW) just prior or after the symposium. These have been located in the same or a neighbouring country. The symposium organizers and others always made sure the workshop was carried out. However, since 2011 this event has been ignored by many, forcing NIFF to create a separate web-page (, and making sure the event will happen.


The market stolls is always a source for the newest techknowlegy.


The participants
The spirit of the EBRS conferences have been based on self cost. Bat work in Europe started out with dedicated bat workers whos work was based on the love for bats the its science. During more recent years these events have become a little more commercialized, often using professional conference hosts, rather then volenteer work and university cooperation.


The group picture in Vilnius 2011.

Source of knowledge
The sympsiums are a gathering point where people can become updated on recent research which has not yet been published. Maintaining old and createing new contacts is an essential part of the conference, making the participant list important. Some EBRS have published their own proceeding, but the abstract book is the main resource of information.



Symposium web pages eventually disappear after the symposiums, making most information difficult to find, or totally unavailable. The objective of this web page is to make available information that originally existed at the end of each symposium. Especially the abstracy books are important, and will be shared on this web page.

There are much information that still is incomplete. Any contribution to add to this page is welcomed.





16th European Bat Research Symposium (web)
Conference ― 2-6 September 2024, Tarragona, Catalonia
We received news today that the 16th EBRS will be organized in the world heritage city of Tarragona which is located in the country of Catalonia. The symposium web-page is finished developed, where they have posted the following deadlines:

30th of October: Early registration opens
31st of March
: Early registration deadline
31st of March: Abstract deadline submission
31st of May: Late registration deadline

News updates
13. October 2023: 16. EBRS located to Catalonia during 2-6 September 2024
November 2022: No information yet available.



Past European Bat Research Symposiums

Since the 1st European Bat Detector Workshop, which was organized in the Netherlands in 1991, there has been organized parallel workshops to the European Bat Research Symposium. Every three years since, there has therefore been organized workshops before or after the European Bat Research Symposium. The workshops were held in the same or neighbouring country. Earlier symposiums are:

  Period Location Organizers Proceedings
1  1981 Bonn, West Germany Uwe Schmidt  
2  1983 Bonn, West Germany Uwe Schmidt  
3  1985 Aberdeen, Scotland Paul A. Racey & Adrian Marshall  
4  18 - 23 August 1987 Prague, Czechoslovakia Vladim Hanák, Ivan Horáček, Jiří Gaisler Yes
5  20 - 25 August 1990 Nyborg Strand, Denmark . Yes
6  22 - 27 August 1993 Evora, Porugal   Yes
7  12 - 16 August 1996 Veldhoven, Netherlands . Yes
8  23 - 27 August 1999 Kraków, Polen

Chiropterological Information Centre (CIC), PAS

9  26 - 30 August 2002

Le Havre, France

10  21 - 26 August 2005 Galliu, Ireland


11  18 - 22 August 2008 Cluj-Napoca, Romania Babeş-Bolyai University, Romanian Bat Protection Association  
12  22 - 26 August 2011 Vilnius, Lithuania Lithuanian Society for Bat Conservation (ŠALD)  
13  1 - 5 September 2014 Solaris beach resort (Šibenik), Croatia    
14  1 - 5 August 2017 Donostia, The Basque Country  Universities of the Basque Country, Copenhagen and Navarre.  
15  4 -7 May 2021 Turku, Finland Finnish Museum of Natural History in Helsinki and the University of Turku  
16  2 - 6 September 2024 Tarragona, Catalonia

BiBio Research Group





All pictures posted in the galleries below, are photographed by Leif Gjerde. If you have your own pictures from any of these events, I will gladely add them here. Especially important are pictures from conferences before 2005. If you do not wish the pictures be posted on the www, I can store a copy of your pictures for future use. Such pictures may become important since it is an important part of bat research history.


  14th European Bat Research Symposium
  1 - 5 August 2017
Donostia, The Basque Country

  135 images

  13th European Bat Research Symposium
  1 - 5 September 2014
  Solaris beach resort, Croatia

  116 images

  12th European Bat Research Symposium
  22 - 26 August 2011
  Vilnius, Lithuania

  130 images

  11th European Bat Research Symposium
18 - 22 August 2008
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  107 images

20080819-25w.jpg (213010 bytes)

  10th  European Bat Research Symposium
  21 - 26 August 2005
  Galliu (Galway), Ireland

  62 images





Proceedings, abstract books and articles describing each conference.

Anonymous. 2011. XII European bat research Symposium. August 22-26, 2011. Programme, abstracts, list of participants. UAB Petro Ofsetas, Vilnius 2011. 99 pp. ISBN 978-9986-443-55-1.

Baagře, Hans & Hubert Roer. 1991. Proceedings. Fifth European Bat Research Symposium. Nyborg Strand, Denmark. August 20th-25th 1990. Myotis 29: 1-156. ISSN 0580-3896.

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Hudson, Anthony M. & Peter HC Lina (eds.). 2008. Abstracts of the XIth European Bat Research Symposium. Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 18th – 22nd August 2008. Abstracts, list of participants. Published by Babeş-Bolyai University, Romanian Bat Protection Association & Emil Racoviţă Speleological Institute. 180 pp. No ISBN.

Hudson, Anthony M. & Peter HC Lina (eds.). 2017. 14th European Bat Research Symposium – EBRS 2017. Abstract Book. 219 pp. ISBN 978-84-697-4575-5.

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Lina, P.H.C.; A.M. Hutson, M. Kipson, V, Zrnčić  & D. Hamidović (eds.). 2014. Book of abstracts – XIIIth European Bat Research Symposium, September 01 – 05, 2014. Šibenik, Croatia. Croatian Biospeleological Society, HINUS Ltd., Zagreb. 188 pp.




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